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  • Monitor mode to upgrade the industry trend of bringing investment opportunities

        Industry applications and monitoring patterns of in-depth updates upgrade drive market growth

        Finance, transportation, government and other traditional areas of application of the deepening of security, while education, health, sports, energy, telecommunications, factories, mines and other new applications as well as the expansion of the community, residents gradually warming security applications, video surveillance market will remain strong needs. Meanwhile, the video surveillance system update brings new front-end HD digital devices will drive the market demand for further development of video surveillance market is still large room for development. IDC expects the next few years, security video market will remain at 20% of the overall growth rate.

        The outbreak of the front-end acquisition equipment products, to promote the rapid growth of video surveillance market

        As the market requirements for video surveillance systems to enhance and reduce the cost of key components such as CMOS chip, and the gradual decline in R & D cost, high-definition cameras and other front-end product prices decreased substantially. Reduce the cost of marketing to accelerate high-definition camera equipment, but also will speed up video surveillance mode to upgrade to all-digital mode, led to the rapid growth of front-end acquisition equipment. Back-end storage products through high-volume standard production dramatically reduce costs, accelerate the popularity of business users, back-end storage products is expected to achieve 20% steady growth.

        Solutions provider to industry restructuring, product providers to participate in the market space to expand

        Video surveillance system in the past, usually by the installation of commercial customers directly for the industry to provide comprehensive solutions and installation services, installation market fundamentals occupy the entire market share of 50%. Digital video surveillance in the whole period, the market for the diverse needs of front-end collection equipment required to customize the direction of product development, it also requires providers to provide more specific product design and installation services. With leading technology manufacturers with higher product development capacity and ability to integrate, gradually solutions provider in the industry as a whole transformation for the future development of a broader market space larger.

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