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  • Security surveillance camera installation steps

         Step one: stand out, ready for tools and parts: up plugs, screws, screwdriver, hammer, drill and other necessary tools; according to a predetermined mounting position, check the plug and a good self-tapping screw up the size of the model, try bracket screws and screw the camera base is appropriate, the interface is embedded in the pipeline deal, the test cable is smooth, ready to enter the setup program.

         Step two: take the Security surveillance camera, the camera lens according to a predefined type and size, carefully fitted the lens (IR-in-one camera without a lens attached), be careful not to touch the lens and CCD confirmed after fixation, power, connectivity with the host or on-site monitors, small televisions adjust the aperture focal length.

         The third step: come up with support, up plugs, screws, screwdriver, hammer, drill and other tools, according to a predetermined location, installed bracket. Check the firm, the direction of the camera installed in accordance with the agreement;

         Step Four: If you need to install the shield, in the second step, the direct shield from here to start the installation.

         1, open the guard on the cover and tailgate;

         2, out of a fixed metal film, the camera fixed;

         3, within the power adapter into the guard;

         4, the reset on the cover and the tailgate, straighten out the cable, fixed, mounted to the bracket.

         Step 5: welded BNC video cable video cable plugs into the outlet, have confirmed fixation.

         Step six: Connect the power adapter plug into the power output of the power jack surveillance cameras, and confirm the solidity.

         Step seven: the other end of the cable host access control or monitor (TV), to ensure solid.

         Step Eight: Turn monitor host and camera power supply, through the monitor to adjust the camera angle to a predetermined range.

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