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  • Choose pinhole cameras for smart surveillance Note

        Pinhole cameras used for surveillance and intelligence to see the word is not the same, intelligent monitoring is wired transmission, and see the word requirement is wireless, so the camera will see the word used for more demanding, as we see the word needle hole camera, digital signal transmission, can prevent car radio monitoring, anti-string-band interference, wear ten block wall, you can field-proven, built-angle camera shot, to extend the line switch, switch key can be placed anywhere on the body This is the best to see the word machine. So, if you choose a vacuum camera for intelligent monitoring you should note the following:

        First, select the pinhole camera should consider the small size, light weight, long life, easy on-site installation and repair, as CCD solid camera with the above characteristics, but also free from magnetic interference, vibration, high sensitivity and good image reproduction and other advantages, requires high priority should be to adopt a common type of CCD camera.

        Second, the system should be 2:1 interlaced camera, do not use random interlaced cameras.

        Third, the light pipe should be larger than the camera´s horizontal resolution of 500 lines; solid camera not less than 420 lines of horizontal resolution. SNR should be greater than 45dB.

        Fourth, the use of monolithic solid-color camera, its level of resolution should be equal to or greater than 300 lines, signal to noise ratio should be equal to or greater than 45dB.

        Fifth, should adopt the idea of ​​automatic gain function machine.

        At the same time, the choice of pinhole cameras for smart surveillance should be based on the monitoring target monitoring applications use different sensitivity of illumination to the camera, to ensure that monitoring the quality of the picture clear. Monitor the target should be higher than the minimum environmental illumination Minimum illumination of the camera 10 times the target of surveillance cameras should be higher than most low-light illumination of more than 10 times, which is the engineering experience. In outdoor surveillance targets, the general idea of ​​machine its brightness from night to the lowest 10lx sunny day at noon the following 5 × 104 ~ 10 × 1010lx, the magnitude of changes is quite large, only with automatic pressure control target is to adapt the camera to monitor the target so wide range of illumination, therefore, should be automatic iris control lens. In the interior of the monitored target, if allowed to set up lighting equipment, according to the lighting environment, select the appropriate illumination of the camera.

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