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  • Promising technique to buy six video surveillance system is important

        Video surveillance security system is an important part, it is a comprehensive system of prevention ability. In recent years, with the computer, networking and image processing, transmission technology, the rapid development of video surveillance with its intuitive, accurate, timely and rich information content, etc. are widely used in many occasions, and even become an integral part.

        Then buy a video surveillance system for their own need to know what? Creation science and technology in this offer you some tips to help you successfully purchase the product.

        First clear demand

        User monitoring products in the choice of the time, to understand their needs, for special occasions such as financial systems, road traffic, the monitoring of large supermarkets, to monitor the quality and clarity are higher, and need to be able to see facial features, plate number, etc., it is necessary to choose high-definition camera. Currently on the market to more than 480 lines positioned as high-definition cameras, in fact, the market for more than 500 lines of high-definition camera some of the CCD and 480 lines is basically the same, mainly the different video digital processing chip DSP, which depends on manufacturers R & D capability, and brand development of major manufacturers of video processing chip, 480 line cameras on the market than the chips have more data processing power and faster image processing speed. If the value of the most technology and science and technology R & D production CR580NC Creation series, CR5300NC series of high-definition, in the police, roads, supermarkets,both images have a significant effect.

        Second, up to judge from the picture clarity

        Surveillance cameras in the view screen when the main view static definition, dynamic definition, color reproduction results. There is the shooting scene, scenery, flowers, moving objects, see the screen is clean, the color is natural and realistic.

        Third, the power supply problems

        In the power supply, try to choose POE power supply. POE is developed rapidly in recent years and the application of a broader network of power supply technology. POE refers to the existing Ethernet Cat.5, cabling infrastructure is not the case for change,except for some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, network cameras, etc.) to transfer data signals at the same time, but also for the DC technology to provide such equipment.

        Fourth, careful purchase of some of the unnecessary features

        In the daily time of purchase, we do not be fooled by the parameters of the camera, network camera only to see a few key indicators and what type of technology used. Such as the CCD camera used in what type is a key indicator. In addition, we need to observe the network camera with OSD menu. In general, the camera OSD menu prices are high, but its function will become more abundant. However, in the normal ordinary scene monitoring the situation, we select the security monitoring cameras, generally does not require OSD menu, select economical products on it. Places in higher function may be more selective choice of the type of OSD menu.

        Pay attention to product qualification necessary

        Monitor product quality inspection, the need to observe in many ways, the most basic products first to see whether the quality mark, whether the manufacturer information, the availability of quality assurance terms, etc., so that problems can be what you want; followed depends on the inner product coefficient, which use specialized test equipment to test, of course, R & D strength of the manufacturers, and the effects of these parameters will have a special test reports or national quality inspection center of the test reports issued by the user in selecting products, see vendor qualification is a strong proof is complete. R & D as an independent video makers, creation science and technology every year for their production of a product or product family have issued the corresponding test reports or inspection reports, quality, and multi-received by customers.

        Sixth, after-sales service considered

        Of course, any monitoring products after use is not guaranteed, so problems are inevitable, then, we need to consider after-sales service of products. Security products, service is not just a simple repair and service, covering quality assurance, after sales, service, parts supply, technical advice and guidance, maintenance and technical training, market information and feedback and a series of content.

        Of course, in addition to the above points, pick up the surveillance products, need careful installation should be in strict accordance with product instructions for proper operation to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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