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  • IP remote video surveillance cameras is not a cloud had come spring

         The afternoon of September 19 that China Unicom announced its operational data in August, the month the new 3G users 2.049 million, 27.868 million total subscribers. This is the new China Unicom 3G users monthly for the first time exceeded 200 million. The next day, China Telecom operational data released in August, the month added 2.05 million 3G users. China Mobile announced in August, operational data, added 2.72 million 3G users.

        3G is the rapid development, IT information technology is changing, network security is imperative!

        2011 China International Exhibition on 26 September 2011 -30 November.

        It is reported that Beijing Telecommunications Exhibition is the world´s largest ICT exhibition, is one of Asia´s largest and most influential world-class ICT exhibition. In the "five" plan year beginning in 2011, was established as one of China´s strategic emerging industries, "a new generation of information technology", a central theme of this exhibition.

        During the five-day exhibition, to come to Chengdu, China Booth Consulting step constant stream of customers, many telecom operators or local representative or agent partners. Through live demonstrations in 3G/1X wireless Internet environment, using a mobile phone, PC sync remote viewing, video effects not only clear and very smooth, and the front of the camera PTZ control and other multiple angles, video capture, remote intercom (propaganda and pickup) and other operations.

        This is China TeleEye remote video management and operation of a step platform. The first domestic ADSL, 2.5G/3G network environment, set watch play, real-time monitoring and video capture front-end video surveillance as one of the operating system,with high availability, high security, openness, monitoring, manageability, adaptability and other characteristics. Not only meet the general needs of a variety of industrial applications, but also by the modular structure, business process visualization, OEM customers and other customized parameters of leading edge technology to create a platform tailored to meet the specific needs of industrial applications.

        In addition, many customers "to operate" of the features are very interested. "Operability" means the construction of low-cost system to promote packaging easy, convenient after-sale maintenance, and can effectively boost bandwidth and 3G subscriber growth, on the other end-user installation is simple, cheap rates, can be greatly increased to meet the increasing social security monitoring requirements.

        A number of telecom operators and their partners step clairvoyance is so concerned about China´s remote monitoring products and technologies that operators are facing the end-user that the public, small and medium enterprises on the security needs. This is for the operators, the name of lower bill rates, competition for value-added data services, is just a tactical problem, a greater need for strategic vision, and they are strategizing is a forward-looking blueprint.

        From the "Green City" to "smart city", hope for an early realization of ubiquitous network´s "dragnet", then the use of network applications, especially in today´s multimedia information age, remote video applications will be omnipotent. Thus, from this point of view, as the leading brand of remote video surveillance, "Hua mai telescope" are favorable for the operator´s customers, not surprising.

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