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  • Corporate security market segment, how to treat?

        Because different consumers have different needs, business to consumer market is divided into different groups. Based primarily on the needs of various markets in the same customer base.

        The reason why the security industry segments are more and more attention to security companies, most people think that security, mainly focused on security systems by the early place in the particular industry, and now rapidly expanding to all walks of life, which makes some companies began to scale operations, the industry began to have the ability to segment.

        We all know that in the homogenization of security products increased at the same time, market development, the user becomes mature, begins to reject the homogenization of customer needs, under the circumstances; security enterprises in industry segments, one can get rid of product homogeneity intense price competition. On the other hand, companies can in the "chaos" in the market in general, the more in-depth, focused, comprehensive grasp of the needs of certain industry characteristics. For users, you can choose a wider application of their own personalized products and systems, to remove some unnecessary features and applications to business and management to bring more convenience and value-added services, but also help reduce investment costs.

        However, there still exist many varieties of security products, association is not strong, different history, different degrees of maturity and other characteristics, the security industry is not yet as great as the IT industry standard industry structure, market share is too small, if the amount mentioned do not go up, you can not form a scale. So do not have the industry breakdown of the objective conditions. With the capacity of the security market growing demand for its products will also be more extensive. In addition to the increasing demand for security products outside, many users also need to customize the specialized services, security manufacturers not only to provide users with basic security precautions, but also according to the user´s work environment and job characteristics, tailored to their professional system to provide personalized services. Therefore, market segmentation is a future development of security industry trends.

        Security market is further broken down, for most of the security business development, it has many positive role in promoting. For example, market segmentation with more specific sub-market, easier to understand consumer demand, companies can operate according to their own ideas, principles and production technology and marketing power to determine their own clients, that is the target market. For a smaller target market, facilitate the development of specific marketing strategies. Meanwhile, in the segments of the market, easy to understand information and feedback, once the changes in consumer demand, businesses can quickly change the marketing strategy, develop appropriate strategies to adapt to changes in market demand, and improving the resilience and competitiveness . Especially in responding to the current security product homogeneity is very serious phenomenon.

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