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  • HD, intelligence, achievement the next generation of mobile video surveillance

        Following the high-speed rail accident, the London riots will once again push the topic of public discussion of public safety center. With the increasingly complex social environment, how to maintain social stability, to prevent accidents, to get people´s attention. The video monitoring service, for the development of the city plays an irreplaceable role. With technology innovation, business continues to extend, deep into the video surveillance is an important industry, and play an active role. Same network, high-definition, intelligent, mobile industry trends, will further promote the video surveillance industry, has brought more new changes.

        HD technology is still in early stages of development

        As video technology continues to evolve, a clearer picture show, a better user experience as a customer of further pursuit. In the video equipment, technologies to meet the requirements, the high-definition video surveillance has naturally become the future of video surveillance one of the trends.

        "For the monitoring system, many customers made in high-definition requirements, especially in the field of public security for the definition of the demand is strong." Guangzhou Research Institute of China Telecom, video, said Zhang Tao, director of business development.

        Customer demand is to promote the industry, an important driver of technological development, but the actual product to match customer needs and if it can adapt to the current development environment is also an important consideration for customer needs. For the current development of high-definition video surveillance, said Zhang Tao, and now the main front-end equipment or megapixels camera, 1.3 megapixel camera relatively mature, but in the field of 2-megapixel camera, the system power consumption, device stability, handling ability aspects to be improved, and prices high, is still in trial stage.

        "HD video monitoring is currently still in the early stages of development, 720P high-definition application was adequate, but also look for 1080P of earlier." Tao said, "From another perspective, the development of high-definition, digital video surveillance industry to promote the trend. "

        Important application for video surveillance industry, the public security field, because the high reliability requirements for equipment, its use is still mostly analog equipment, although some use of digital technology, but the public security system in general or the combination of modulus. "Although not yet widely used in high-definition equipment, but with the definition of the concept of depth, you can build the propulsion system of digital process." Tao that brought high-definition digital network model, under construction or about to build for the project implementation in terms of , has a good reference function. Because the current module with the system in its evolution to high definition, the system upgrade is too much trouble, and the transformation of higher cost. While high-definition technology development trend of the current carrying capacity of the network also made some test.

        Intelligent control: so near, so far

        The concept of intelligent video surveillance from the proposed date, time in the past few years. Cross-border, police, face recognition, fault detection and other functions, making increasingly intelligent video surveillance system. Zhang Tao said: "First, the bottleneck cost of intelligent problem, one issue of accuracy and practicality."

        Intelligent video surveillance system includes many features to improve the original equipment purchase, rental costs, although some experience is good, but relatively expensive price, but also was "luxury" price is not high. For price-sensitive customers, such as banks, there are high demands on accuracy. And some experience with intelligent features of its effects, and are closely related to project implementation. For example, perimeter alarm, the camera placement point of view, background clutter level, and changes in illumination affect the success of intelligent features, accuracy. Public price-sensitive, regardless of the price sensitive customers and to the accuracy, at this stage, two problems are not complete.

        "Current intelligence is regarded as highlights of launch, rather than individual as a product sale." Tao that "intelligence is more a platform for the construction of auxiliary functions. The lack of intelligence, will reduce the competitive platform, but in fact the individual and did not produce much economic benefit. "

        On the other hand, the system detects the field of intelligent applications have sprung up everywhere. Safe city construction has been vigorously promoting the security industry, monitoring systems is growing across the country. And monitoring equipment, such as cameras, after a period of time fails, if relying on artificial selection, will spend a lot of manpower and resources, then intelligent fault detection feature plays an important role. Through intelligent processing, snow, black, interference, etc. will be handled automatically identify and report to maintenance personnel, thus greatly reducing the burden of maintenance personnel, improve work efficiency.

        Also for the future development of intelligent applications, said Zhang Tao, intelligent video technology and summary will be further development of search technology,and good prospects.

        Similar books catalog summary, the book can be included in the text concise presentation, video summary techniques can also be intelligent means to present useful information processing, automatic removal of useless information, so that staff can see in a short time useful information in view. For the current stage, the artificial control of access to information, efficiency is not high pressure, while video surveillance has also occupied a larger storage space. It is reported that the video summary of the application now has a more mature product, some manufacturers are focusing on domestic and foreign, in advance. From Israel BriefCam companies have mature products and related solutions available.

        At the same time in the video surveillance process, not all information is valid. For example, if only the viewer´s attention hat groups, through a number of pattern recognition methods, you can find interest in the corresponding video data. With the monitoring information of the growing amount of data, video search technology will become the industry´s "Google", effective and convenient to find information.

        "Before the direction is mostly based on real-time intelligent alarm, video summary and video search direction in the next step by step by the industry´s attention." Tao said.

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