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  • HD-SDI technology is mature and develop new opportunities for security monitoring

        From SD to HD, from theory to practical application, security monitoring industry more and more products to the HD direction. Diversification of market demand and depth of technology, high-definition monitoring for security is no longer a difficult problem. HD surveillance camera from the front to the end of the transmission equipment, to display the back-end storage devices, a series of "HD" product surface. Surveillance cameras in the front there are two "high definition" standard: first, to the Ethernet network interface for mainstream high-definition monitor, monitor upload a compressed state information; second, to a remote high-definition serial digital interface (HD -SDI) as a mainstream high-definition surveillance systems, clear picture quality, is the future direction of the real "HD monitor" is another option.

        From the current view of China´s security market applications, or in most cases, mainly in high-definition network, its browser and convenient, easy networking. Network high-definition pure open network, a camera corresponds to a separate IP, once you get to the IP address can be manipulated. This HD monitor to bring a lot of daily work easy, but security was painted on a big question mark. HD HD-SDI technology is used in closed-network, its "green" is not outside interference and improves network security. To vigorously promote the HD-SDI technology, the market has produced a complete monitoring and control products: HD-SDI cameras, HD-SDI Matrix, HD-SDI hard disk recorders. HD serial digital interface transfer device usage since 1998 is growing, for the convenience of its back-end server and video codecs to match, showing high-definition images in real time, its core technology into a lot of security companies to explore the key.

        HD-SDI was first used in the field of radio and television, as technology continues to mature and the continued integration between industry and slowly flows to the security of this technology field. HD-SDI technology is relatively mature, so in the application and popularization of the security market can be better developed, combined with matching front-end video equipment, I believe that in the near future, HD-SDI high-definition monitor will be able to set off a wave of security. Security industry is now the era of revolution in picture quality, HD video camera to gradually replace analog equipment is an inevitable trend. Although standards in addition to HD-SDI, HD-MI or DVI standards are still lurking, but no mature technology to support high-definition and examples of applications in the field armed with a difficult piece of the sky.

        Speaking of HD-SDI high-definition, have to say is its high cost and high cost. According to my understanding, currently on the market HD-SDI Single Optical sells for 6,000 yuan, while the ordinary high road Optical list price around $ 500. 10 times the price gap between HD-SDI Optical is currently the biggest obstacle is not universal. But I also learned, if the entire system to add one to two HD-SDI Optical is also a good choice. In ensuring the transfer price, while high-definition screen can also control the cost within the budget.

        HD-SDI to rely on proven background in radio and television industry has occupied a certain market share. HD monitor security industry has become the inevitable trend of development, mature technology and become a regular user base HD-SDI development in the security field in important supporting force. We also have reason to believe that in the next five years or 10 years, the popularity of high-definition video surveillance security will be inevitable.

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