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  • The choice of lens elements of surveillance cameras

        Video surveillance system camera lens is the most hub equipment, its quality (indicators) directly affects the upper hand in the camera the whole index, so the choice of surveillance cameras lens is appropriate both to the system quality, but also related to the project cost.

        Commensurate with the camera lens in the eye´s lens, if there is no lens, no one saw anything; if there is no lens, then the output of the camera image is the white one, there is no clear image output, with our home video camera and The principle is the same camera.

        When the muscles of the human eye lens can not be stretched to its normal position, which is commonly known as myopia, a trance in front of the scene becomes clear; camera and lens with a similar phenomenon, when the image becomes clear , you can adjust the camera´s back focus and change the plane of the CCD chip and lens spacing (equivalent to adjusting the position of the eye lens), the image can be trance becomes clear.

        Thus, the camera closed circuit surveillance system in the importance of the role.

        (1)choice of aperture

        Auto aperture: suitable for most environments, especially the larger changes in outdoor light environment;

        Manual Aperture: little change for indoor lighting fixed monitoring points;

        Electric aperture: suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting little change in all-round monitoring point.

        (2) focus adjustment mode selection

        Fixed Focus: suitable for direct determination of the supervisory area of ​​fixed monitoring points;

        Manual Zoom: suitable for being unable to determine the fixed control point monitoring area.

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