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  • Lack of security industry standards on how companies standardize specifications

        Security has penetrated into all walks of life, it is an indisputable fact. But the security applications in all walks of life are not the same degree of depth.

        Period of vibrant gold market

        Profitability of the business market is fundamental to any and all policy formulation, all R & D results, are around the market. Can be said that the market is the company´s lifeblood.

        The current security market pie bigger and bigger, the industry maintained a high growth momentum, the average annual growth of about 25%, security surveillance is up to 30% growth rate, which is a very fast pace of development can be said that the market is in a golden period of development. Such rapid development is mainly based on the market two, one, our country´s macroeconomic development environment is good, the security industry and the country´s overall economic development is associated with a high degree of industry; Second, to push the security market applications.

        As the security market applications in different areas of the digging depth, breadth, constantly expanding, and security companies in the market grew and grew, more and more corporate profits. Security Industry applications of products also increases.

        Law of the jungle will become the next industry trend of mergers and acquisitions

        The next few years, large-scale security manufacturers merger, reorganization, shuffling out of the process, the competition will be more intense, comprehensive strength of the misappropriation of large enterprises will more market share, estimated 60-70 percent of the producers will disappear .

        In the field of security monitoring, networking, high-definition, intelligence is the industry´s development trend has been the consensus, networking, high-definition is in full swing, the intelligence is currently in its infancy. Network, high-definition pay more attention to product systems and solutions provider, making the substantial increase in the threshold practitioners.

        Large network, a large platform is becoming increasingly apparent trend, strength of video surveillance company will use its own advantages of integration R & D access control, alarm, business management and other subsystems for customers to deliver a growing number of big content management platform to meet customers´ monitoring demand wider, deeper needs.

        In addition, security is a huge commercial interests of growth.

         Lack of industry standards is the biggest problem Security Industry

        The current security market´s biggest problem is the lack of standards and product quality is difficult to guarantee. Lack of standards, including different brands and manufacturers of products compatible docking between the technical standards to measure the technical parameters of product quality standards, norms of production and operation standards. In addition, the current uneven product quality on the market, quite a mixed bag, many manufacturers to seize the front of the market, put a lot of immaturity, instability, and even counterfeit products to market and damage the interests of users.

        In this regard, relevant government departments, industry associations, major companies, users should actively promote the improvement of the standards and the ongoing fight against adverse market behavior.

        The lack of security industry standards and product quality is difficult to guarantee the issue will not only bring integrated security network no small difficulties, and give customers the choice of security products mistrust, the continued application of the security industry with in depth to great difficulties.

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