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  • Network cameras used in thermal control

        Heilongjiang thermal infrared video monitoring system using network intelligence out of the ball machine and plant control room of people, materials, monitor and improve the security level of heating, but also for hot all through, office monitoring, improve enterprise management level and production efficiency. The program aims to use existing plant data transmission lines, construction of IP-based network video surveillance system to improve the means of science and technology enterprise security and production management, work to reduce the intensity of management, to ensure the safety of the heating plant, provided a guarantee for winter heating.

    System components:

        Heilongjiang thermal mesh video surveillance is IP-based video management systems, network video server can be installed in the control point by optical fiber transmission, no additional long-distance video cable laying and control lines to the monitoring center. System consists of front-end monitoring, control centers, control terminals of several main parts.

    1, front-end monitoring

        Monitor front-end from a functional structure in terms of data collection can be divided into two parts and data processing. Data acquisition part (video camera): It is responsible for collecting heat and power plant activities in video surveillance images, due to different functions, with fixed, movable head, ball machines, different types of infrared imaging. Data processing section is mainly composed of high-performance embedded smart server, and can also compress the data. Embedded Intelligence Server provides a data interface, such as Ethernet, RS232/485, alarm I / O, etc., as long as the related monitoring equipment are open to communication protocols, data acquisition can be achieved with the linkage.

    2, the monitoring center

        Each plant video and other data, through the computer network to a monitoring center. Mainly by the control center "network video management system" server software, data storage system. The size of the system, the center may have one or several services to the burden of data processing and storage. The primary function of the system server: control center for all front-end data to be processed, and to analyze their data, records and preservation; if the alarm signal, the system will quickly linkage front video camera or other device, sent to staff to promptly deal with emergencies. Center in addition to process monitoring data from the front, more importantly, provide user management functions, including user login, priority allocation, the control signal coordination, real-time data monitoring, data storage, retrieval, playback, backup, restore and other surface services to users and management.

    3, control terminal

        Network Video Management System uses sophisticated WEB technology, the system provides users with a good user interface, the client browser access to the system. Network on any one computer / laptop as long as the installation of a "network video management system" can become a fully functional monitoring client terminal. Customers can view the required on-site anytime, anywhere image and environmental dynamics data. Multi-screen system can display live images, the system functions: real-time focus on the power plant site 24-hour video surveillance, strengthen the power plant out of personnel management.

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