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  • HD surveillance applications, there are several issues Shangju

    First, R & D threshold

        Existing high-definition IP cameras on the market for many security manufacturers mainstream publicity, and the existing threshold of high-definition IP camera technology and products supporting the upstream and downstream industry chain with the traditional model Cameras and analog systems to be compared, in a mature and stability is still a considerable gap.

    Second, high-definition IP camera market, education and industry standards

        Now we can feel the HD camera brings high-definition enjoyment, the traditional business of network video security technology, engineering knowledge, lack of awareness and acceptance has yet to be mentioned Rise, the existing network camera network configuration and makes sense of complicated parameters. HD IP camera industry standards, relatively high definition IPC market turmoil, the recent Shanghai pioneered the local standards of network cameras, I believe the entire IP network market has good standards and facilitating role.

    Third, high-definition network camera cheap prices

        General 720PCMOS sensor HD network camera market tax price of 1800 yuan or more, so in large part, influenced by the price factor of the rapid spread of high-definition IP cameras and applications, customers should monitor the project on the HD means High Definition from the front cameras, network bandwidth, mass storage, and related video peripheral facilities investment is relatively much higher investment. This is for ordinary users, the project investment cost is an important factor affecting their choice, or just feel powerless and frustrated. Therefore, high-definition video storage products can not be the same as the SD DVR to use a large area, at this stage it is mainly concentrated in industrial applications do not care about price of public security, banking and other industries focused on large-scale projects.

    Fourth, high-definition front-end access and compatibility issues

        Users ultimately care about whether high-definition storage products to support high-definition front-end manufacturers. User memory plus the demands of high-definition HD IP camera systems and traditional analog Monitoring systems, can not specify models without factory, eliminating the need for many complex parameters, so plug and play, allowing users more choice and operation of space.

        It can be said, different manufacturers of networking products and mutual trust between the interoperability problem is the process of restricting the industry network is an important issue, high-definition storage is no exception. Against On standards, security network video leader in the development of a jointly drafted ONVIF / PSIA open standards. Standard definition video devices to the network communication protocol information, Such as device discovery, live video, audio, metadata, PTZ control, and control information. Recently, manufacturers have put forward the "middleware" technology solutions that promote the standardization of network video surveillance for the development of great significance, but I think in the short term the problem is still the standard network video products can not immediately solve the compatibility problem between.

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