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  • Security must focus on individual security market penetration

        The field of surveillance cameras is a timeless topic of security do, as long as the mention of security, people can not help but think of surveillance cameras. With the growing security market, security applications are more and more in-depth industry. So, the security industry applications in the field of video surveillance is how it?

        To break the security market

        In traditional security applications on the market, currently used in public safety areas such as network cameras, product applications and not real popular. Real security applications should reach home, spread to every individual. The next breakthrough in the security market will also depend on the individual, not just stay in the public security system. In the United States and Europe, family-based security awareness is extremely high, therefore, network cameras and other home security equipment is very widely used in home areas. As people´s living standards improve, people´s sense of security has been improved, and this is the next breakthrough in the security market, home security potential business opportunities to be further developed.

        Bandwidth is the last word

        With the development of security technology, security market matures, and the improvement of policies and regulations, security industry trends, can be summarized as "four modernizations", that is market-oriented, community-based, large-scale and network. Breakthrough is mainly reflected in the application level network management and use of this remote area. But to reach a remote network management and applications, no easy task. This must require a good bandwidth signal, the bandwidth of the city at this stage can not fully meet the development of network cameras, it is recommended to individual cities based on certain economic system of things.

        The sudden emergence of civil security

        Civil security is the security market in the future, a breakthrough in the current domestic security products, technology has been able to basically meet civilian needs. Security for civilian use as the core area of ​​home security, the key to its application of technology has been transferred to the network level. Because from a consumer point of view, not only individual families, or store, it requires the use of security products space. The remote management and monitoring of the only tool is the use of online breakthrough. In summary, security awareness promotion and protection of the transmission channel is the security application of the last word.

        Remote control is the key

        The focus of security technology, remote application management, such as control, early warning. We launched the network camera is in the field of high-end network cameras, our product line to achieve a watch, two-way real-time voice, mobile phone watch functions, a brand new civilian market.


        HD surveillance camera, network-based applications has been an industry trend. How to make technology the focus needed to understand the market has become the top priority of the security business. The surveillance camera market because of early development, the market has become saturated, how to find the market a new breakthrough, it will become an important goal.

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