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  • Million high-definition camera monitoring application of technology needs direction

        Million relative to high-definition cameras for the security industry mainly refers to a resolution of 720P and 1080P formats of digital cameras, the picture width and height defined as 16:9. 720P namely Is 1280 × 720, about 100 million pixels, 1080P is 1920 × 1080 that about 200 million pixels. Therefore million high-definition monitor is a high-definition camera, and at least Match more than one million pixels high-definition camera lens. Million high-definition monitor the application of the product form of the lens cover hemisphere, IR Vandalproof Dome, Speed ​​Dome, Speed ​​Dome in , Bolt, bolt and other infrared.

        Million high-definition monitor for the camera, the picture quality is the fundamental imaging, security monitoring products and scenarios ever-changing shape, which requires one million high definition surveillance camera in a variety of complex scene lighting conditions, must have excellent image quality.

        Solely from the terms of the future direction of the lens, mainly in the following aspects of performance:

        High definition

        Definition of two important indicators, including resolution and contrast. Resolution refers to the lens was taken to reproduce the scene details of the capacity, the higher the resolution, the picture more crisp and clear; contrast refers to the reproduction of low contrast details are taken scenery, light and dark levels of ability, the higher the contrast, picture the scene clean-cut, sharp edges rich layers, strong texture, tone clear. Low contrast high-resolution lens, the image contour is not clear, contrast dark, dull tone, giving the impression but not clear. The lens is made so many, many manufacturers are also promoting million high-definition camera, and SD lenses, but is no much difference in feel, this is the reason the market cold. And some of the lens resolution is not high, but the contrast between the large, but this shot gives a good feeling. Therefore, contrast and resolution have reached a certain height, is the real ideal million HD lenses.

        Large-caliber small

        Large-diameter lens is the amount of light, mainly in the brightness of the screen, in the environment compared to dark and night mode, small-diameter lens with better performance. Is a small compact camera, you can apply to different products to install and reduce the volume of products. Compared to the control of foreign megapixels camera, its non-spherical technology matures, often with a lens with a focal foot, large-caliber, the structure of small, high-definition. Most of the major camera manufacturers in the domestic exploration slowly aspheric technology, used for the early maturity of the monitoring camera megapixels new product development, with foreign manufacturers to compete against.

        Focus day and night, leave

        To ensure image quality under the premise of the day, users of the night as more and more high quality requirements, you can use ED (low-high refractive index, dispersion) glass, better color correction, confocal imaging day and night to improve capacity and image quality. In recent years, the major glass manufacturers are also trying to promote the ED glass.

        Eliminate stray light

        Including stray light and stray light, like a ghost. Just refers to the mechanical components of the spurious reflection caused by stray light and other rainbow-like, stray light through the lens of the wall and the spacer perfect treatment to eliminate extinction. Like a ghost light in the lens inside the lens refers to multiple reflections between the secondary image on the screen, like a ghost outline of objects with similar light, can not be completely eliminated, only through the multilayer antireflection film coating to minimize. An overall performance superior HD million surveillance camera, and its elimination of stray light on the performance should have a good performance can be good in bright sunlight, matching the reputation of the lens million high-definition monitor.

        Today, the lens on the market corresponding to the 2 / 3 "CCD up to 500 million pixels, 1 / 3" CCD and 1 / 2. 5 "CMOS up to 3 megapixel camera products have endless options for high-definition camera products very rich in the domestic non-spherical environment where technology is not mature, manufacturers should keep the lens aspheric technology continues to improve R & D approach, take full advantage of playing a high refractive index and low dispersion ED (low-high refractive index, dispersion coefficient), etc. to a variety of optical glass lens aberration correction capability, to improve the stability of the lens performance and cost, combined with the pressure sealing lens assembly process used in its maturity million high-definition series products to make them more high-definition compact.

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