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  • 3G network camera into the home

        China 3G boom is heating up. According to the Ministry´s statistics, as of the end of July this year, the domestic mobile phone users reached 930 million, of which 87 million 3G subscribers, penetration rate has reached 9.4%. Industry optimistic forecasts, the current pace of development by inference, before the end of October the number of 3G users in China will exceed 100 million.

        Real-time video phone is imminent

        In a variety of data services in 3G, video is undoubtedly the most attractive applications. The current mobile video services also have significant limitations.

        The first demand is the driving force of business. According to a survey Ai Media Consulting, 3G video mobile phone users demand longer "broadcast I see you", but expect a real-time, real-time interactive mobile video applications. The experience from abroad, 3G penetration will reach 16% when the inflection point, not only the number of users rapidly rising public awareness of 3G will also be greatly enhanced, so as to promote real-time video phone to create a good condition. However, due to technical complexity, the application of lag and other factors, operators early in 2004, although there are related businesses and product launches, but mainly in industry and business users, home users in the business in a relatively small, there is no strong a publicity. However, this huge potential market in the future, and about to enter the outbreak. According to Noda consulting analysis, mobile video surveillance market has been rising. In 2006, the Chinese mobile video surveillance market of 1.3 billion. Noda Consulting predicts that the reduction in tariffs as the operational and equipment expenses decreased in 2011 to monitor China´s mobile phone market will reach 7.22 billion yuan.

        Mobile video surveillance into the home will

        As 3G networks become more sophisticated, mobile video quality has been greatly improved. 3G and WLAN integration while also promoting the development of home video surveillance systems, mobile video Monitoring business into the home of the conditions are ripe.

         In terms of mobile video surveillance, network camera experience is a priority. Traditional camera often unexpected cause of tension and resentment, and ease of use of the equipment is more difficult to solve. Most webcams require customers to install their own, will set up a simple gateway stumped many people.

        Today, these are no longer a problem. apexis product support plug and play, does not require installation, does not need to set, gracefully as long as the power and network links can be used.

        In addition, apexis home 3g network camera is a new generation of intelligent products through the mobile phone to access the network camera directly point to point access technologies such as technology and bundled phone, completely solved the leakage of user privacy security risks. There are mobile client remote control, and intelligent alarm image automatically pushed to your phone and many other features. If a stranger entered the room, the camera will automatically recognize and push the alarm image directly on the user´s mobile phone. The video alarm and remote alarm capabilities, especially for unoccupied house and home care for the elderly, and also for shops, offices, cars and other various many scenes.

        For operators, this new generation of mobile video surveillance business, not only to meet customer demand, but also increase data traffic revenue, and promote the rapid growth of 3G subscribers. Relative to the computer equipment, cell phones have better portability, especially in the home monitoring has an unparalleled advantage. These factors determine the future of mobile video surveillance will become the mainstream of network monitoring applications.

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