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  • 2012 APEXIS Exhibition

    【Expo name】Hanover International Information and Communication Exhibition(CeBIT2012)
    【Expo time】 6th to 10th ,March, 2012
    【Expo City】Hanover Germany
    【Expo hall】Hanover International Exhibition Hall


    【Expo name】2012 American International Security & Protection Exhibition(ISC West 2012)
    【Expo time】28th to 30th ,March,2012
    【Expo City】Las Vegas, United States
    【Expo hall】Las Vegas Exhibition Centre
     Booth #: 36013 36015


    【Expo name】Saint Paul International Security & Protection Exhibition(EXPOSEC 2012)
    【Expo time】8th to 10th ,May,2012
    【Expo City】Saint Paul, Brazil
    【Expo hall】Saint Paul Immigration Exhibition Centre(IMIGRANTES EXHIBITION CENTER)


    【Expo name】2012 Birmingham Security & Protection Exhibition(IFSEC 2012)
    【Expo time】14th to 17th ,May, 2012.
    【Expo City】Birmingham United Kingdom
    【Expo hall】Birmingham International Exhibition Centre(NEC Birmingham)
     Booth #: 5B116


    【Expo name】China Sourcing Fair
     12-15th, Apr, 2012@ China Sourcing Fair, Asia Expo (Airport), HongKong, Booth No: 2K14.
     Oct, 2012@ China Sourcing Fair, Asia Expo (Airport), HongKong, Booth No: 2L27.

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