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  • IR dome video surveillance camera to answer eight questions

     1 IR dome video surveillance camera series machines appeared at the image illumination is poor, white or bright white iris phenomenon

        The phenomenon is caused by improper assembly machine, assembly-sensitive devices (photo resistor) from the IR dome camera is too far away will lead to infrared light caused the machine started the night illumination is not entirely bad; appear white or bright white image phenomenon mainly due to the infrared light-emitting aperture tube infrared light refracted through the lens caused the dome to solve this is to avoid the phenomenon of infrared light refraction to the surface of the lens, usually a sponge ring to isolate the lens and infrared light, in the assembly, be sure to cover close to the sponge ball circle.

    2 Night Vision IR Dome Camera images normal day, night white

        This phenomenon is generally due to the machine environment is reflective material or use of a rather small space to use, because the infrared light reflection lead to address this phenomenon we must first determine whether there is a reflector using the environment as much as possible to improve the use of the environment, followed by the effective infrared inspection machine distance and actual distance is appropriate; if a long-distance infrared machine in a small space using infrared light due to excessive lead white image the machine.

    3 IR dome camera no image

        First check the external power supply polarity is correct, the output voltage to meet the requirements (power supply error: DC12V ± 10%, AC24V ± 5%), followed by checking the video connection is good contact; if using a manual iris lens aperture is opened to be checked automatically you need to adjust the lens aperture LEVEL potentiometer allows the aperture in the right place.

    4 IR Dome camera color distortion, color cast

        White balance may switch (AWB) to set properly, it may be too much ambient light conditions change, you should check the switch settings are in the OFF position, should think of ways to improve the environmental lighting conditions.

    5. IR dome camera image appears distorted or geometric distortion

        This phenomenon may be infrared dome cameras, monitors the geometric correction circuit in question or optical lens problems, may also be connected cable or video equipment and infrared dome camera characteristic impedance of the output impedance matching.

        When the above phenomenon, please check whether the abnormal optical lens and monitor the input impedance of 75Ω switch is set to end, followed by re-examination of the video connection cables with impedance of whether it is 75Ω.

    6 screen appears black vertical bar or bar a few hybrid

        This is usually the machine´s power supply output voltage ripple is too large to be filtered and used to enhance good performance DC power supply.

    7. IR dome camera with auto iris lens image is too dark

        First check the EE / AI AI function switch is set to end, followed by check LEVEL potentiometer adjustment is appropriate.

    8 IR Dome Camera image quality is not good

        a. Check whether there are fingerprints or dirty lens.
        b. Check the aperture has a good tune.
        c. Check the video cable is bad.
        d. Check whether the electronic shutter or white balance settings problem.
        e. Check the transmission distance is too far.
        f. Check the voltage is normal.
        g. Check whether there is interference near the source.
        h. Check in the elevator and the elevator installation to ensure isolation from interference.
        i. Check whether the connected CS interface pair.

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