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  • Bring opportunities for smart home products home surveillance camera from the potential

        Home surveillance camera burglar alarm industry is the future of the big cake

        At this stage, China´s security situation is still grim. Frequent grab theft burglary, theft and many other social problems,people´s own security concerns and unprecedented attention. So many families to protect personal and property safety, have installed anti-theft network, but the traditional home defense system in actual use exposes a lot of risks, the state issued "On the residential district prohibited the proposed installation of security net" that: the traditional method of mechanical anti-theft (security doors, security windows, etc.) in practical applications there have been various Drawbacks, such as the city and the environment, hinder the escape, and suddenly encountered a disaster is to provide crossing conditions for criminals and many other negative factors, so now there are dozens of cities in legislation,  Forcible removal of the metal security network; In addition, many shops, warehouses, villas, hotels scattered distribution, human and sometimes difficult to control, but also frequent theft and other security incidents. As What to do preventive measures well in advance prevention, has become the focus of attention, but also for high-tech intelligent burglar alarm system provides a broad space for development.

        With the continuous improvement of living standards, continue to strengthen safety awareness, family and personal security have become increasingly important, home burglar alarm market will grow. Monitor The camera is often limited by cost constraints, limited resolution, often appear unable to see the site conditions, can not determine the perpetrators of the situation, and the alarm is no such problem, report Police can be sensitive to detect abnormalities, directly through the network to communicate information to users, with accurate real-time features. Household burglar alarm market´s future trend is the introduction of new technologies, the development of family financial security, intelligence, communications, and other functions into one system.

        The development of intelligent home burglar alarm industry as opportunities

         With the growing popularity of the concept of things, smart home has been widely accepted, the user needs for home burglar alarm is also rising, one of the most outstanding performance in security The concept of alarm began to change the host from a single alarm dialer into today´s intelligent control platform, with more value-added services. At present, the alarm host In order to facilitate the user´s second development is the use of modular setting. In the factory, with a good company in addition to the core components, it will also set aside some of the interface is good, most of the additional features By adding different modules are achieved, such as network module, GPRS module, voice module, appliance control module.

        In addition to integration with the smart home, the control panel also added a text message, voice function, its main purpose is to improve the reliability of the system. The use of SMS alarm mode, alarm signals can be received in any place, and the communication time is very short, fast. The added voice system, you can call at any time voice communication, but also voice monitoring, more accurate grasp of the scene of the alarm. In addition, the alarm center can also be released to the host and property management aspects of the notice, more and more hosts with the information storage function alarm, the alarm center for the center of a large network controller.

        It can be seen, the increasing popularity of smart home market changes in demand brought about a burglar alarm industry to promote the development of multi-module and value-added services with anti-theft alarm products More competitive. Although the smart home is still a lack of standards, each fighting each other, but it certainly is a trend. Intelligent home burglar alarm is part of the development of anti-theft alarm is bound to promote the development of intelligent home.

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