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  • Car recommended by malicious people scratch install more video surveillance cameras

        South China Sea, Sanya, September 15 network news, Sanya Liu public network correspondent to reflect the South China Sea, she recently bought a new car this morning that have been maliciously scratch scratch for a very long one, but because the trade road no video surveillance cameras She can only eat in silence dumb, boring to eat this loss.

        September 14 evening, Sharon because friends back home late, free to park in parking spaces in the way of foreign trade. The next morning found the time to take the car, the car was a malicious program with something for a very long one mark. "This car recently bought, not including scratches insurance auto insurance now, if you re-up painting to nearly 3000, so do not know who the wicked." Liu told reporters angrily, even before her friend´s car was scraped a car, also reminded her not to park your car in the parking side of the road, she regretted not cope.

        15 pm, the reporter saw Sharon´s car right there is a scratch throughout the body, let her buy a new car is very ugly. In nearly one hundred foreign road draw a good line about parking spaces, parking is very hot. "After that I reflect the friendship between the police station, but because the entire road is not equipped with surveillance cameras, survey them difficult, I also do not want to report, and lessons on when to buy their own disadvantage." Liu says.

        Reporters learned that the community is only now, Hexi District, Sanya Street community has put into the construction of $ 160,000 in the area of ​​the main road, alley entrances and installed 32 surveillance cameras, which is Sanya´s first community-wide coverage of video surveillance. Ms Lau said foreign Road near Sanya Bay, the immigrant population is also very much, car collision, theft all have occurred. If there is as much equipment as some of the construction of street cameras, no one will be so furious.

        Neighborhood community building Zhou, deputy director of the summer, told reporters after the implementation of all-weather surveillance, theft less, indicating a certain criminal deterrent; middle of the night to see someone stick a small ad random, in time to stop; which streets to do health well, you can send someone to clean and timely supervision in a timely manner; most important, sometimes the video surveillance station is a good helper.

        Road Wang Dabo, who lives in foreign trade expressed the hope that friendship and community can also install more cameras and more, in time to stop Qunjia, theft, thwarted by the behavior, so that more secure people´s lives and property are protected.

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