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  • Wireless network video surveillance systems market development trend analysis

        Driven by demand in the market, especially the popularity of commercial wireless networks, mobile civil telecommunicationsnetwork to the wireless network monitoring data has brought opportunity for development. Group to do the wireless network video surveillance manufacturers have emerged. Wireless network camera using the civilian communications network transmission means to do neither with the establishment of special network, but also eliminates the cost and difficulty of wiring, so that derived more video surveillance application scenario, the video surveillance market to further expand. So, wireless network video surveillance will be the development trend of what?

        Mainly to large customer applications

        Currently, high-end industrial users of the monitoring system such as the domestic Peace Project, the road traffic monitoring, inspection and quarantine of electronic monitoring video surveillance and many more for large-scale metro-sexual or national trade video surveillance system. Demanding of camera equipment. Wired equipment are in use before requiring it clearly, keep the good. And now began to get involved as a result of the wireless image capture needs (such as traffic patrol, mobile patrol the city safe, urban mobile patrol and law enforcement, etc.) and mobile video viewing and control. Because these large customers to adopt
    Purchase sufficient funds, a large amount of security has always been the manufacturer of the main business points. In the future, this phenomenon will not change.

        Monitor-based and part of the commercial promotion of a small minority of families

        Users in small and medium business users is not only a future potential market for wireless network monitoring, wireless network monitoring will be important areas of application. Such monitoring requires the user mainly refers to the small shops and medium-sized supermarkets, hospitals, educational institutions. As the user of the monitoring requirements of easy installation, simple maintenance, high efficiency requirements, etc., wireless network video surveillance applications in business class will have a greater penetration of room for improvement.

        Commercial users of wireless video surveillance business needs in addition to mobile video surveillance monitoring and other basic needs, but often also need to monitor the system and the combined company´s business systems, such as hospitals use the camera on the ambulance to the emergency patient, adult through the camera off the gas valve control teach children to deal with home emergency services, bank of armored personnel within the real-time monitoring applications. In short, wireless video surveillance in the future development potential in the business world will be enormous.

        Applied to a wide range of personal and family

        With the development of scientific and technological level, economic level and awareness of people is improved. Home surveillance camera network will be well spread. Users of home wireless video surveillance video surveillance needs are relatively simple, mainly in the service of video and alarm linkage demand for services, the delay of the monitoring system, did not have much storage requirements. However, due to the huge flow of data and signals, network dependence, the need to deploy wireless home gateways and other family factors, constraints of families and individuals the development of network video surveillance, home wireless video surveillance so the development and promotion of the difficulty is relatively large, home wireless surveillance application was still relatively small. There are two main difficulties: the costs and problems in understanding.

        In the family / personal security is the most important security awareness. Often due to personal negligence caused their injury is not uncommon. In the future, how to sell security products to customers, how to change the concept of personal security will become critical. The future of personal / family use wireless network monitoring equipment must be living with more additional features, can really attract individual buyers. Additional information, such as communications, home entertainment, community service and other functions. Meanwhile, the security price is too high not to choose an individual or family wireless network monitoring equipment is a major reason. Only through improved labor efficiency, lower commodity prices, personal home security in order to finally get this market big cake.

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