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  • Six video surveillance and other techniques can avoid the 911 terrorist attacks

        According to foreign media reports, is about to usher in the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, something that makes people unable to forget the nightmare world, people think of 911 events will be associated with terrorists hijacked flight scenario: a group of terrorists armed with knives sneaked into the flight, abduction suicide driver or try to complete the task of the collision. After a lapse of ten years, in order to avoid a repeat of such terrorist incidents, to enhance science and technology has played a significant role.

        Advanced electronic video surveillance systems, defense technology to intercept potential terrorists to enter the flight crew to provide for protective measures to avoid the flight stops in the middle attacks. But terrorism experts said, currently only 911 incidents to prevent similar attacks is not enough, the next terrorist attack is likely to use the unexpected attack strategies and methods.

        To this end, counter-terrorism experts, plans to use the latest science and technology to defend against further terrorist attacks, including: shoulder missiles and so on. Currently, researchers are developing software systems to prevent attacks, but the system used in air defense system will take time for testing. U.S. security and defense expert Bruce - Schneier (BruceSchneier) said: "The terrorists could once again for the next flight to commit terrorist attacks, although in the past decade they have not succeeded, but the future does not mean they will not attack."

        1, remote control flight systems

        A U.S. patent literature shows that aerospace giant Boeing has been developing a remote control used in flight technology, similar to 911 to avoid the vicious terrorist attack on the World Trade Center incident, thus avoiding the almost 3,000 people. However, Boeing spokesman Doug - Alder (DougAlder) in an e-mail response that the company is not currently planning to develop the technology. According to the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung said, some European airlines have been involved in the technology field, including: "Airbus" and Siemens, they have time to study this technology for many years.

        2, bio-monitor

        Biological monitor to prevent terrorists from hijacking and bombing aircraft, which for the first time to prevent terrorists from boarding. U.S. airports have been equipped with explosive trace detectors, can be a thorough examination of the hands of passengers and baggage for explosives, the controversial system can display the scanned image is hidden within the clothing of passengers with weapons or explosives. It is reported recently that a scanned image of the controversial system software upgrade, the passengers can shield the body contours. University of California, retired psychologist, Professor, security consultant Paul - Aike Man (PaulEkman) published a review article, said the researchers now plan to airport complex video surveillance systems and analysis software testing facial expressions lying together. He also noted that long-range scanning can increase blood pressure and heart rate monitor effectiveness.

        3, remote video monitoring

        In order to avoid a surprise attack terrorists, experts are developing other defense strategies. For example: European researchers are developing an airborne surveillance system, including in the cabin of the monitor and camera. The technical task is known as the EU´s future European environmental flight safety program. Aircraft with remote video monitoring system software can analyze facial expressions and suspicious passenger behavior.

        4, with a non-lethal laser air police

        In 2002 the U.S. Congress that the U.S. government is planning to deploy air marshals, they will be equipped with non-lethal laser weapon with the "laser gun should be (PHaSR)" is very similar. Short pulse of light through the blind terrorist can lose sense of direction. This enables the air police laser weapons, even if the number is less than in the case, can not endanger the safety of passengers subdued the hijackers.

        5, thin body armor

        Future in order to improve the safety of crew and passengers, air marshals and passengers may be equipped with body armor. Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan researchers bonding 300 layers of clay and polymer developed a thin, super defensive armor. Meanwhile, the United States, Europe and China, other scientists are actively developing new body armor,
    They are now the ordinary cotton and super-hard materials combine to form boron-boron nanotube fabric, its texture is very light and flexible and strong, dressed up like a piece of underwear to avoid future Repeated wearing and can withstand bullet attacks.

        6, anti-portable air defense systems

        Some experts believe that the future is unlikely, as 911 terrorists who hijacked planes hit the building the event, but this does not mean the end of terrorist attacks. They are likely in the suburbs or near the airport with a portable missile attack flights, at present, an anti-portable air defense systems can use infrared technology to interfere with missile guidance systems, and proved very effective.

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