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  • Cameras everywhere, the favor or against?  

         "Added so many camera, also allows people to live." Recently, a plane, reading the newspaper next to the passengers heard the complaints. Obviously, this

    passenger is the owner. Driving in the city, the owner of most afraid of? Not the traffic police, illegal, as long as honest admit, to say a few good words, quickly

    left the scene, or to escape punishment. Camera is not that precise and cold-blooded, as long as an illegal, down the full record will be faithful, not to intercede,

    not to intercede.

         Cities, the number of cameras, is reasonable? Stand "basically good" standpoint, the less the better, to believe that every owner of nature is good, through

    education, guidance, will abide by traffic rules and civilized travel. But if from the "human evil" point of view considerations, the camera should be better, no

    rules no standards, no monitoring, the owner does not turn God?

         As the working relationship, I often travel in the Pearl River Delta cities, where fear of the two places, one in Zhuhai, Shenzhen, second, because the camera

    is too much, believe it, would have got. Multi-camera Zhuhai city and to what extent? Almost every intersection, every 100 meters, will have a row of cameras,

    monitors the lane, without any omission - on the road in this car, I feel there is no privacy at all - but the effect is obvious, the Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed rush

    on the outside of vehicles, one into Zhuhai city, it neatly, not to mention the speed is compaction line, is rarely seen. Shenzhen, Zhuhai, the camera is not

    much, but it´s a high amount of tickets: break a red light, 500; pressure a solid line, it seems, 500 yuan - accidentally a lot a lot of money had disappeared, that

    distressed ah, difficult to describe in words.

         For many years, I heard more than once in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, electronic eye grumbling, even the author himself, have been complaining. Complain go

    complain, have to admit that heavy fines would be no civilization without travel.

    Been to Europe, Japan and the United States who are good traffic order on the local left a deep impression, is so, not overnight, but also through continuous

    adjustment, education, and heavy fines, and eventually formed. Day car prices traffic safety experts, the history of Japan when he said, Japan, in particular,

    Tokyo, also dogged China´s current problems facing the traffic; was only one solution - that is, heavy fines, penalty to did not dare to commit again. Increase the

    amount of tickets, increasing the number of cameras, increase the burden on car owners seem to have suspected, but can not deny it for improving the

    efficiency of road traffic, with immediate effect.

         Accelerating the adoption of the car today, the growing importance of civilized travel, will pin their hopes on the owners of the character, neatly day trip,

    obviously not realistic. However, increasing the camera must have two prerequisites: First, the speed limit is reasonable, can not run 80 straight rate-limiting

    step of the 40 big step; the second is a reasonable distribution of the solid line dashed line, should not always draw more than 500 meters long solid line.

         I firmly believe that China´s future car society must be better, but to go through the pain, locked.

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