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  •  IP network cameras have advantages which eight

           As society progresses, the rapid economic development and technological advances, public order and safety, production safety, property safety, more and more attention has been paid, so the video featuring video surveillance more widely used in various industries area, from the traditional security monitoring to monitor the development and production management, from indoor to unattended monitoring applications specific occasion. IP network camera has its irreplaceable advantages, clear, digital, platform, network-based, structured, etc. . IP Camera full use of digital processing technology, the video signal from the CCD or CMOS sensor collected and digitized, the subsequent processing of all digital signals, and using network all kinds of video signals, all-digital processing technology has the following advantages:
    1 all-digital processing technology will not switch back and forth between analog and digital image quality caused the loss;
    2 digital interface to transmit digital video, will not bring interference and attenuation, regardless of distance and are able to always maintain a stable image quality;
           3 in the building of smart wiring systems, wiring without the need for transformation, as long as there´s an Ethernet network monitoring systems can be deployed at any time, you can use a variety of wireless, wired network for video transmission and control;
    4 is far greater than the range of digital video analog video, you can achieve high-definition, high frame rate, wide dynamic video image;
    5. Intelligent image processing and recognition technology can be extended to the front-end direct implementation;
    6 wide dynamic video processing technology for a variety of occasions, custom development of video surveillance camera products;
    7 high-definition IP cameras for electronic PTZ functionality to meet a wide range of site monitoring;
    8 can each provide high-quality, high bandwidth, low latency video streams and preview video stream for video, respectively, to ensure clarity and easy storage features.

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