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  •          Intelligent network surveillance camera is the development trend of pre-application
         Currently, the network video system, the main function of the use of intelligent video analysis means to achieve the center, through the back-end server´s video analysis software for the front of the camera to upload the video stream intelligent analysis to achieve an intelligent front-end video processing. And we today call "intelligent front" that is relative to the center in terms of server processing.
         So far the development of network video surveillance, the advantages of digital video becomes increasingly obvious, the camera as a digital terminal, not only has digital video shooting, records and other functions, but also through the network camera implanted in the CPU, for some of the more high-end video analysis and processing. The so-called "smart front" is the need to address video analytics, or other management functions, intelligence embedded into the camera, the so-called "intelligent video analysis with a camera to do the deal."
         "Smart Front" feature the special nature of network cameras is that it is based on open platforms can be more intelligent analysis of the application embedded in the network camera to meet the individual needs of the intelligent video surveillance, which means that a network with smart cameras as embedded in different pre-application, can achieve functional differentiation.
    Intelligent pre-application trends
         The use of "smart front" application, can be appropriate in front of intelligent analysis, just need to analyze the results of treatment can be spread to the back-end platform. For example, the use of network cameras monitor suspicious persons by monitoring area, if the analysis of the use of back-end server, you need every moment of the video to the background in order to carry out intelligence analysis. And if the front of the camera with intelligent analysis, although the camera monitoring the entrance at all times, but not in the normal state is reached background data, analyze it was only out of the current side, the camera will automatically intelligent analysis video transmission to go back. If the day only 10-odd minutes it was out, then other times the camera does not require transmission of video data, which can significantly reduce the amount of data transmission, reducing network pressure.
         Currently, the camera end can be attached SD card storage, or other storage device. When the network congestion, network failures or other emergency, it can store images directly to the camera attached storage devices, which can not be absolutely dependent on the network, both to reduce the network load, network and avoid sudden events affecting the information stored. The front of the camera directly through the processing and analysis, less constrained by other factors, relatively speaking, have much less impact on the security.
         The development of chip resources is the key to open
         Open network video surveillance is the most significant characteristics of the era, with the camera side to improve the performance of the chip, the chip will have more resources to be opened out to do some professional video company video analysis of the smart chip resources can be based on open, the corresponding program embedded in the camera side, the front can help to achieve better intelligence. By then, not only the external interface the camera open and the camera´s internal network protocol involved is open, can be achieved with more compatible with third-party video analysis software, and more convenient in many hardware and software vendors choose the best combination.
         Intelligent front camera can also be understood as the network side of the application platform, the future of network cameras not only play a basic video capture,

    Transmission effect, but can also run third-party video analytics software. For example, currently the most talked about iPhone, APP can run many applications, there are many people for a specific customized program services, services for these programs not only as a communication tool for iPhone exists. Network camera, the future will not only transmit video, embedded in a variety of software applications, a number of customized smart
    Analysis can be run on the camera side. Therefore, the development of network cameras, intelligent front-end development must be based on more open application platform.
    Intelligent video surveillance analysis is equivalent to giving the "brain", is the future trend, smart front will also be the development trend of intelligent video surveillance has made rapid progress under the trend and promote the development of intelligent video surveillance.

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