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  •  HD surveillance camera security industry market is about to be lit

    Million high-definition camera contests
        Video surveillance cameras as the vanguard, "HD hurricane" the most intense nature of their impact, so gradually increase the commercial production of most cameras on the high-definition camera R & D investment. The so-called "we must first sharpen his tools´, no matching high-definition camera, front-end HD cameras can not play the desired effect. Therefore, the front lens of choice is the Contractors to build the entire system is an important part of high-definition monitor.
        When the project is to protect the lens providers realize an important part of image quality, its choice of the lens is relatively strict, resulting in around the lens clarity and lens manufacturers continue to invest in image quality. With the increase in applications million high-definition camera, traditional camera´s optical imaging camera megapixels can not meet the effects of high-definition effect, millions of high-definition CCTV camera is also accelerating the application step. Credit Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Kean (KOWA total generation Chinese) Wang Gang, director of marketing, said: "The future of CCTV lens market competition, the high-definition camera market will become a major competitive trends, the ability to keep up with the pace of high-definition monitor will determine the outcome of the competition. "
    Currently, active in the domestic market, CCTV camera manufacturers are the main Japanese Tamron, Tokina, Seiko, Pentax, FUJINO, computar, KOWA, SENKO, as well as domestic Shanghai Phoenix, Fujian Fukumitsu, Hong Faguang electricity, Kai Kwong, Changchun East optics. From the interview that the domestic surveillance camera lens manufacturers million high-definition camera production enterprises accounted for 30%, and annual shipments of high-definition camera is also growing rapidly. Also learned from the enterprise, megapixels corresponding large zoom lens in the telephoto zoom lens and lens with IR infrared applications in sales and the most rapid growth.
        Back in 2006, introduced the Tokina lens corresponding to megapixels, and now megapixels TVR0314HD, TVR0916HD and 2011 latest TVR1020HD 10-50mm, 1/1.8 ", 300 million pixels, sensitive infrared camera has a good market response .
        Developed in 2007, Tamron CS mount 1 / 3 2.4mm-6mm, 3.0mm-8mm, 5mm-50mm million high-definition CCTV camera, first introduced in 2011 and the full screen 3 megapixels 2.8mm-8mm IR lens corresponding . In the field of FA lens, Tamron offers 6.5mm to 50mm focal length range of between industrial high-definition fixed focus lens. Another Dragon is also developing into one machine manufacturers to provide 18 times the 1.3 million full screen automatically zoom lens and one 3mm-9mm manual zoom lens two megapixels.
        Today, millions of high-definition Fujinon CCTV lens cover 1 / 3 "2.2-6mm ,2.8-8mm ,2.8-12mm ,15-50mm zoom lens, 1 / 2" 8-80mm ,10-320mm ,15.6-500mm multiple HD camera, the pixels ranging from 130 million -300 million, as well as up to 5 megapixel fixed-focus lens of the fish eye.
    KOWA 300-500 megapixel camera for the requirements, the introduction of a 3.5mm-10mm and 10mm-20mm lens corresponding to megapixels, the KOWA telephoto lens in the performance is also a leader in the peer, so the company´s 8-120mm, 8-240mm ,12-360mm and so on up to 5 megapixel HD camera in the industry was well received.
        PHENIX (Phoenix) CCTV lens introduction of the EX series, is based on the PHENIX (Phoenix) the highest capacity optical design and optical products manufacturing and processing capabilities, EX series corresponding to the entire department more than 3 million pixels for high-definition surveillance cameras equipped with the next EX Series will also launch more than 500 million, 10 million pixel high-index products.
        From the major manufacturers of performance, high-definition CCTV camera has been gradually began to spread, the industry is also generally agreed that the current high-definition camera has a lot of megapixels for road monitoring and bayonet capture some safe cities and Bank project is also working on high-definition camera application . Overall, the proportion of high-definition camera market has accelerated the trend of the past year, user feedback is also quite good.
        The key technology is to enhance the core product
        Megapixels camera from this year´s development can be seen, higher demand and higher density of pixels the camera lens transmittance by the market demand continues to stimulate a higher pixel camera application also shows that the degree of high-definition video camera high definition Progress continues toward the development of higher resolution, the gradual transition from the megapixels camera to 200 million, 3 million or even 5-megapixel HD megapixels camera has been overwhelming.
        "Compared to ordinary CCTV lens, megapixels camera lenses require higher-quality materials, advanced coating level, the optical design of more rational, more sophisticated parts processing conditions, more rigorous assembly process; so that it can monitor and control requirements a clearer picture. "Haiken high on Trade Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Marketing Manager Liu Guoyan said.
        Aspheric lens technology to enhance high-definition effect
        Aspherical lens technology is a very important million high-definition lens technology, it is also an important effect of the lens to ensure access to high definition. Traditional spherical lenses with spherical aberration of birth defects, resulting in a spot that can not overcome the phenomenon, which greatly affect the image quality. The use of aspherical lenses, the light through the high-surface refraction, the light can be focused precisely on point. Furthermore, non-spherical lens optical lens structure can be simplified. If FUJINO (Fujinon) million high-definition camera products to make full use of high-definition broadcast television lenses with a high degree of optical design technology, an aspheric lens can be completed a few lenses function.
        The use of an aspherical lens can be replaced by a spherical lens, so that the camera lens of the optical structure is relatively simplified, so that the optical and mechanical access more easily available on the aperture. Also, non-spherical lens and make the edges of the light passing through the central part of the lens can focus light to the same plane, so that it can clear and effective use of the entire lens surface, so that the entire lens can not focus properly, relative to effective communication aperture larger. If KOWA produced LMVZ38A-IR (1 / 3 "f / 3 ~ 8mm F/1.0) series lenses. The reason why this lens to F/1.0, is to use a non-spherical lens exigencies.
        Aspherical lens effective aperture increases, so that more light can be projected onto the CCD sensor surface, a corresponding increase in sensitivity. And, as a non-spherical lens can replace several pieces of a spherical lens, so that the camera lens smaller in size, weight reduced, and less light through the lens, thereby greatly enhance the light transmission rate, the image screen becomes meticulous bright. If KOWA´s LMVZ550A-IR (1 / 3 "f / 5 ~ 50mm F/1.4) lenses, which only uses two aspherical lenses, which not only achieve a small size, light weight, and enhanced light transmission rate, ensure image quality.
        Aspheric lens is an important characteristic of the edge part of the light can improve the refractive index of the lens, the lens edge image changed for the better. The spherical lens, spherical lens, especially high-rate, more prone to spherical aberration and image distortion, especially in the sphere of light over the edge of the lens barrel distortion caused by refraction, the aspherical lens for high magnification zoom lens, due to non-spherical lens incident light by the edge of the spherical lens distortion in the opposite direction was amended so as to effectively eliminate the barrel distortion.

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