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  • How to choose the different functions of high-definition camera?

        2010 ushered in a million high-definition monitor explosive growth, regardless of government projects, or civilian control, analog control will gradually replace old ones, as the network bandwidth problems, PoE power supply technology maturity, and cost-effective CMOSSENSOR in security a large number of application areas, millions of high-definition will quickly spread.

        Choose high quality essential megapixels camera

        Network cameras are usually divided into two types: one is based on analog cameras into the front-end video and network processing module, and analog cameras have the same drawbacks: the image resolution is not high, does not exceed the highest quality D1, another for digital HD network camera, which is characterized by a direct digital video processing and transmission via the network, avoiding the common problem of analog cameras susceptible to interference, the screen can be clean, crisp and clear picture quality, signal to noise ratio high.

        To megapixels camera to get the best performance, use high-quality lens megapixels will be very important. Optical image quality is the overall image quality is a key factor, as megapixels network camera´s "eye" megapixels camera for the entire image to provide high contrast, sharpness, and that sharpness, rather than megapixels camera can not fully show the million pixel sensor resolution, especially the edges of the picture.

        CCD and CMOSSENSOR use is arranged by two-dimensional grid of pixels. These pixels to the optical image into electronic signals. The number of pixels on an image usually determines the image resolution, more pixels means higher resolution. Compared to ordinary lenses, megapixels camera surveillance image of the screen shows more detailed, showing details of some good, will not blur the image.

        To practical application as a starting point

        In the choice of megapixels camera image plane to the attention of the lens size and size matching SENSOR physiognomy, closed-circuit surveillance cameras in many different sizes of the sensor, the screen aspect ratio is usually 4:3 (horizontal width: vertical) or 16:9. The dimensions of the sensor field of view angle of impact, using the same lens on a smaller sensor narrower field of view, and choose a different function depending on the application of megapixels camera, such as Datong illumination light lens, ultra wide-angle lens, Non-IR lens, IR lens, through the fog lens, autofocus lens, FA, and fish-eye lens top.

        For example, day and night camera for general use in the near-infrared or infrared night environment. If no correction function with IR lens match day and night cameras, cameras at night will not be able to use clear focus. The IR camera megapixels combined with the use of special optical glass lens design and multi-layer coating to reduce light refraction to achieve confocal day and night. This camera when used at night do not need to re-focus.

        Megapixels camera is widely used in high-definition video camera, such as megapixels day and night cameras, network cameras, panoramic surveillance cameras, and video conferencing, motion capture, document recognition, machine vision, medical equipment and automotive electronics.

        Megapixels camera relative to the normal lens, whether it is optical design, or the lens material, processing, assembly techniques, testing methods and other more demanding.

         Different areas of application of megapixels lenses have different requirements, such as intelligent transportation systems, match the requirements of large physiognomy size, high resolution, high contrast, low distortion lens, focus and iris adjustment locking screw, compact design. The traditional CCTVLens can not meet the needs of high-pixel, therefore, FAlens widely used in intelligent transportation and monitoring system. If you need to capture license plate, then choose the depth of field long lens with IR function.

        The application of panoramic imaging products are panoramic video conferencing, video surveillance traffic panorama, panoramic video intercom, panoramic rear view and parking control. As the big fish-eye lens distortion characteristics are matched to the megapixels of high definition fisheye lens, to ensure that the restored image after the image has to meet the clear need for complete details. Panoramic imaging products and reduction of mature image processing technology, will be restricted field of view camera to revolutionize the traditional sense.

        As the insurance industry car insurance claims to discovery requests, I believe that in the near future, driving records will enter million high-definition era. As for the evidence, bear the brunt of high quality. Currently the automotive electronics market this noncommittal, mainly because of the misunderstanding that the display for automotive electronics are all small, does not require high resolution.

        The strength of competition into the era of the lens manufacturers

        Million high-definition market in full swing, attracting CCD / CMOSSENSOR vendors for different applications launch high-resolution, wide dynamic range, high frame rate, ultra low-light performance of various SENSOR, camera manufacturers have introduced corresponding 1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP, 5MP , 10MP, or even higher pixel camera, and the design of a wide spectrum of IR lenses. As the megapixels camera lens much higher than the average cost, bandwidth and network environment factors, the level of illumination of the image processing software platform lag on HD million a certain extent. But high definition is a trend, in view of this, major SENSOR manufacturers, camera manufacturers for different SENSOR, clarity and illumination in both the premise, developed a low-light wide dynamic megapixels network camera, and one million dual-stream high-definition network camera technology, making the bandwidth problem solved.

        Thus, with increasing SENSOR pixels, each pixel size getting smaller and smaller lens design and precision will be challenged, the manufacturer has entered the lens strength of Competition!

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