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  • Field of application security market continues to expand opportunities

        August 1, the "standard security precautions and medium-sized supermarkets, shopping malls," officially began in Beijing. At the same time, Shanghai and other places are also improving security standards. Shanghai has 15 in the "important parts of the key units of the system security and protection requirements" based on the next 2-3 months every year increase in new applications come in the market. According to the Shanghai Security Alarm Association-related sources, the current standard are each equivalent to the introduction of a new security of an application to expand the market.

        It is reported that the "norm" to "mandatory local standards." "Standard" requirement, companies must in the financial room, settlement centers, warehouses, control centers, and other important parts of the entrances and exits, vertical elevator, escalator should be set to identify a clear passage and presence of monitoring equipment facial features. In addition, thespecial requirements of food sold in the open area to set the monitoring probe, to be able to clearly identify all persons touched the food behavior, physical appearance and facial features, and only standard-definition video camera in order to achieve such a request.

        In accordance with "standard" for the "medium and large shopping malls, supermarkets," the definition made in Beijing in hundreds of shopping malls and supermarkets must be transformed, the underlying potential security update product assembly and the market can not be ignored. In addition, the "Shaanxi Provincial Public Security image information system management approach" also come into force this month. Statistics show that anti-technology in Shaanxi Province invested a total construction funds for more than 10 billion yuan, 12.6 million units installed surveillance cameras.

        According to the Shanghai Security Alarm Association, who, Shanghai has developed a 15 "unit of the important parts of the key security technology to prevent the system requirements." It is reported that the request for the release of Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision, Shanghai local standard for security products, applications and specifications, technical standards and engineering standards were refined. "Every introduction of a new security standards are equivalent to an application to expand the market," the source said.

        From the national perspective, the standards for security applications and requirements are also being introduced. Sleeper buses to improve safety management, the Ministry has decided to implement special control measures sleeper buses, sleeper buses made car video equipment must be installed at any time to monitor the situation inside. Before the end of this year and require that all transportation companies and all levels of monitoring platform monitoring platform for the transport sector must be completed in accordance with standard task of transformation.

        "China´s security industry," second Five Year Plan "," also made "five-second" period to develop new areas of application, to grasp the country´s economic development and the construction industry to the security industry to bring new opportunities, and actively promote energy, logistics, forestry, environmental protection, rail and other emerging applications.

        For example, in the field of rail transport, "five" during the national rail operator of the total will grow rapidly. The city subway, light rail mileage of new construction planned routes will reach 26 km, relative to the "Eleventh Five-Year" during the construction length scale increased by about 60% -70%, planning investment will reach 1.27 trillion yuan.

        Recently, there were 30 urban rail transit construction plan approved. Of these, 20 cities in the planning period to adjust, expand the scale of construction. In addition, there are nine new urban planning report is being reviewed. Subway security including video surveillance systems, access control systems, burglar alarm systems and intelligent video analysis. Which is the core part of the video surveillance system, accounting for 70% -80%, access control systems accounting for 10% -20%, in addition to security, explosive detection, toxic gas detection will increase the share for the security industry to bring enormous business opportunities.

        The Case of Shanghai, Shanghai Public Security Bureau, according to rail transportation corps parties, on the Shanghai subway construction is concerned, there are currently stations within the camera 14000, camera inside the 7000, accounting for one-fifth of Shanghai´s urban camera . "Shanghai subway station has more than 50 per camera, the new subway station installed 70 or so, I will have more cameras." The source said.

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