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  • The next generation of network camera will come out (part 1)

        Every major international sporting events are the perfect stage debut exciting cutting-edge technology, is in full swing in the 26th World University Games is no exception. As the only full-service communications Universiade this global partnership, China Telecom, the full protection of the Grand Canal in information and communication services, but also by virtue of its strong information technology capabilities, look to the future, first to build the next generation for the Universiade Internet (IPv6) commercial trial system. This is not only cutting-edge technology in large-scale international sports events on another successful show, is "Dare" embodies the spirit of the city of Shenzhen.

        It is understood that the Shenzhen Universiade China Telecom to build the IPv6 next-generation Internet applications include seven large, involving RFID, Wireless IP Camera, high definition live matches and other fields. Leveraging to create "Science and Technology Win" opportunity, China Telecom and even started covering the next generation IPv6 Shenzhen Metro, IP camera v6 network platform for the construction of two major projects, not only for Shenzhen to create "smart city" provides The most powerful support for our full launch of next-generation Internet construction began.

        Next Generation Internet IPv6 full charm upgrade

        Science and technology development is always endless, and are often the driving force of technological innovation from the real needs. The reason why IPv6 technology in recent years by the communications industry worldwide attention because of the same from the demand driven. The so-called IPv6 is InternetProtocolVersion6 abbreviation, that is, "Internet Protocol Version 6." It´s a version on the Internet that we currently widely used IPv4.According to experts, the development over the past ten years, IPv4 address resources can provide the Internet is facing troubles will soon dry up. In February, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and address (ICANN) said in the final five groups after allocation of IPv4 addresses, the first generation of Internet address resources have been exhausted. Affected by July this year, the Asia-Pacific Internet Network Information Center announced that it will stop the distribution of IPv4 addresses, which means that traditional Internet Protocol has reached a crossroads had to upgrade, it is also based on this, to accelerate the IPv6 technology support the development of next-generation Internet has become the consensus of all countries.

        Compared with IPv4, IPv6´s greatest advantage lies in its vast resources to address. In this regard, an expert of China Telecom made a very vivid metaphor: "If each IP address weight 1 gram, then add up all of IPv4 is only one China Telecom Building, so heavy, but add up all of the IPv6 address, there are more than 50 billion Earth so heavy. "sufficient address resources, natural means is more efficient, fast network communications. In view of this, China Telecom to build information-based sub-network of the beginning of the Universiade on boldly initiated a number of IPv6-based cutting-edge technology, to build the next generation of the Internet through commercial pilot system to China Telecom Shenzhen Universiade provide a more secure, convenient and high-speed Internet services, based on IPv6 technology, China Telecom has also done a lot of innovative applications and services, these efforts make the level of the Shenzhen Universiade information onto a new level.

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