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  • Iphone APP Update for Apexis IP Camera

    APP Name:  Apexis IP Control

    What´s New in Version 1.05

    ** When after this update some controls appear twice or the app crashes, please delete and reinstall the app through the app store. You will not be charged twice **

    ** Follow me on Twitter @ruwebit **

    New feature: preset camera positions! To use it, tap Controls, swipe the lower area of the screen from right to left and tap Presets.

    Please understand that not all cameras support this feature, the cameras that do must have the latest firmware installed. Also be sure presets are not disabled in the camera´s webinterface (under PTZ settings)

    New feature: snapshots can now be sent as E-mail. Also taking snapshots is now much faster then before.Did I say much? I mean MUCH faster!

    Improved horizontal swipe-to-change-controls by showing dot indicating that more pages with controls are available (some new users didn´t get the ´Swipe for more controls´ hint that appears after adding the first camera)

    Fixed potential problem where alarm schedule is enabled or disabled spontaneously

    Fixed bug where infrared light switch and input/output controls where not shown for operators

    Fixed problem where the camera movement was not stopped with less then optimal network conditions when quickly tapping an arrow

    Fixed some potential crashes in low memory conditions.

    Quite some cosmetic improvements

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