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  • what is ip camera?

    IP Camera is a a new generation of cameras that combine the traditional camera to the network technology,which can transmit the images monitor to the anywhere on the planet through the network.And the the remote viewers can browser not only need the aid of other software,but also the standard Web browser can monitor images and control the Pan/Tilt.

    IP Camera is chip built-in,which take the embedded real-time operating system, audio signals that the video camera to send to digital conversion by the high compression chip compression,then send to the web server through the network.The users can view the images on the Web server by using the browser,the authorized users can also control the camera pan and tilt or operate system configuration.In recent years,with the rapid development of network cameras,the products of Apexis is the representation of the authority within this fields.

    IP camera Feature:
        1.HD CMOS,lower requirements for light
        2.IR cut filter, automatic to the night better
        3. Support wire and wireless transmission
        4. Free DDNS for Remote viewing
        5.Support POE
        6. Support two-way audio function, Integration audio and video
        7. Support alarm trigger and the alarm
        8. Support the frame rate setting, and automatic to the monitor function
        9. Support the remotely control the direction of monitor
        10. Support User Rights Management
        11. Support the restart remotely
        12. Support upgradeable firmware
        13. Support variety storage of monitoring data
        14. Restore original settings remotely

    IP Camera operating mode:
        Mode 1:IP Camera-----Wireless Net—Modem—Interne—PC(cell
        Mode 2:IP Camera----- Network Cable—Modem—Internet—PC(cell

    IP Camera Application:
        1. Education:distance learning,which can transmit the video of IP camera to the remote share by internet,the students indifferent places can listen the same teacher,effectively reslolve the teacher rush about on the way and the lack of the hardware;Install the IP camera at the school.the parents can learn the study of the children in real time.
        2. Research:Hybrid animals were observed, monitoring plant growth process.
        3. Medical:ward monitoring and remote diagnostics.
        4. Social and public utility:building monitor,street monitor.transportation monitor,event monitor,learning of operating conditions real-time, which can better supervision and dispersion.
        5. Commercial:remote video conference, Bank Automated Teller Machine monitoring, office monitoring.
        6. site operation:factory assembly line and warehouse monitoring, and technical guidance to the defects.
        7. adventure:IP camera is installed to other devices,discovery of unknown circumstances firstly, the effective reduction of casualties.
        8. Home Security:Fire alarm, everything is under control.
    With the rapid development of network economy,IP camera will take the more vigorous pace,swift into a better tomorrow;Apexis will advance with the times,alwaysprovide the best quality products need by the society.

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