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  • How To Select The Best Wireless IP Camera

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        Every day, new innovations are created for providing home security. One of the latest is the wireless IP camera. If a home is equipped with a wireless network for connecting computers and appliances, one or more of these cameras will be a breeze to bring into the system. However, there are many different levels of camera models available, making choosing the best wireless IP camera a matter of what is expected of it.

        For example, the Axis 207W wireless IP camera comes with an integrated microphone that allows one to monitor audio as well as video. In addition, it comes with motion detection capability and the ability to email snapshots to a secure location. It can also record motion video at a rate of up to 30 frames per second. This camera is able to connect to any WiFi network that utilizes 802.11b or 802.11g wireless protocols without having to connect to a computer.

        The Bosch NWC-0495 DinionXF is another type of IP network camera that features an IR filter and the ability to capture high quality images whether it is day or night. In addition to these features, this camera also comes with the option to connect it to a computer via analog or ethernet ports.

        The TV-IP100 Internet Camera Server from TRENDnet is a slightly higher end camera that includes the ability to manage and view of to four separate cameras from a remote location using a web browser. In addition to recording action video and the ability to take stop action photos, the operator can zoom in to get a clearer image when needed and email recordings to a secure location.

        Most of these cameras feature the ability to set them up and walk away knowing that they will snap a photo and email it to the owner in the event the motion sensor is activated. This is done using the existing wireless network without any direct connection to a computer. Another advantage is the ability to record images to a DVR without having to connect directly to a computer.

        Being wireless also makes it possible to conceal these cameras so that those entering a monitored area are not aware that they are being watched. Many who practice breaking and entering know how to spot the wires that connect older types of security camera to their recording and monitoring devices and break the connections. With wireless technology, IP cameras can transmit their images to anywhere in the world that has an internet connection and images can be recorded in secure locations that thieves would not be able to find and destroy.

        Even with the advanced features shared by all these cameras, there are many different features that make one stand out from the others for a specific application. Therefore, choosing the best wireless IP camera is a matter of personal preference and how much one is willing to spend.

        Advances are taking place almost daily in the field of home security. Wireless IP camera systems have changed the way people monitor their possessions in many ways. These devices can be used anywhere that has a wireless network up and running without having to connect directly to a computer. They are more secure than traditional wired security cameras in many ways, including the ability to conceal them more easily and the ability to record data and transmit it offsite over the internet.

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