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  • HD IP Speed ​​Dome important industries in high-risk and the prospect of unlimited

        In addition to peace outside the city, electricity, petroleum and petrochemicals, airports, ports, banks and other industries and companies to promote workplace has become a high-speed ball megapixels second choice.

        Such as unmanned substation power industry, in the petroleum, petrochemical sector to adopt these sites or megapixels, high-speed ball, mainly for instrumentation and other equipment operating status monitoring through the preset settings can be run on a wide range of equipment be clearly monitored, only the top of the highest point or the installation of a high-definition ball machine, you can cover the entire surveillance area, Yaan pigeon analysis to the beam.

        In addition, these high-end industry´s ability to accept new technologies, and financial strength, willing to invest in some high-end products and try. These characteristics of different industries or places, have different needs for security, but there is a common characteristic, its high security needs analysis to determine its attention to smart technology, and high-definition intelligent network speed dome is a good analysis of the carrier.

        "For example, in some crowded place, crossing or subway, train station crowded place, in case of robbery and other cases, you can capture the images sent to various regions of the database, all entrances and exits in the face of a wanted object recognition match the survey, "Panasonic´s analysis to Chen. In some supermarkets will use the definition of intelligent network speed dome, relative to the application of intelligent bolt fixed at an angle, and the network speed dome you can point to multiple pre-set, each block of image stitching software to form a complete image. In addition, high-definition footage network speed dome can form a data table, including the supermarket today´s passenger traffic, and how the customer´s gender, age, external characteristics, etc., like what kind of items the customer, can be reflected by analysis of the table. This provides managers with a comprehensive flow of data and goods flow analysis, efficient allocation of resources.

        In addition to these high-end high-risk sites, a number of not so high security requirements shopping malls, schools, buildings, hotel lobbies and other places also have civilian applications of space. Like the school playground, corridor, the export of a wide field of vision, will move the ball on the needs of high-definition network, will be required in some areas of the Board of Education must have access to high-definition images, a number of colleges and universities in Beijing and other places in the tender information on the project requirements using megapixels Network Dome Camera Speed ​​Dome or IR HD. Despite the limited purchasing power of these users, the demand for the product not so great, but it would be a direction to consider the application.

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