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  • The trend of The Times: video network monitoring station remote

        As grade a fire unit, gas station also began to introduce more security monitoring system, but its overall security construction is still in the primary stage. Gas stations scattered, geographical position, in order to achieve modernization many outlets of management and development, fast and convenient to grasp the real-time outlets and improve the quality and efficiency of management, remote video networking control system is an inevitable trend. Meanwhile, in the gas station security project construction, still need to pay attention to monitor, alarm, fire and business management the four integrated system.

        Recently, more than 800 of Shanghai foreign trade cheer (gas station video monitoring system already full installation, in order to strengthen site hall entrance, cashier, mouth, petrol pump oil discharge such key regional security. Gas station monitoring system of main function and purpose is an important area of gas station, such as audio and video monitoring station perimeter, ChuYouOu, refueling area, discharging oil such key parts of the ShouFeiShi, safety monitoring.

        Gas station operator for monitoring system of expectations has not only in terms of security, and business management, so can provide greater economic benefits. From management perspective, gas station video monitoring system also plays three roles: first is timely standardized operation, prevent illegal or illegal behavior; 2 it is conducive to layers of supervision; Three can improve work efficiency, reduce the management cost.

        With the popularization and application of the hd-dvd, hd monitor advantage in gas station monitoring to bear. Gas station building hd monitor system for each site, can strengthen the business and security of all-round monitoring management. Because each monitoring station areas need 24 hour uninterrupted monitoring, and need to clearly identify the behavior of people details and facial features, and need and gas stations of business management system achieve a high degree of integration, a set of open, flexible and efficient hd monitor system would bring the obvious benefits.

        The market scale station monitoring

        Data shows, by July, the gas station totaled more than 9.5 manza. To each of the gas station 5-8 cameras calculation, plus auxiliary system, each of the gas station monitoring system of cost estimation in 1 million yuan or so. Therefore, the construction of the gas station security engineering equipment demand with about 10 billion yuan scale.

        In addition, gas station security monitoring system construction features o ´clock and scattered, if consider engineering design, installation, system integration, provincial monitoring and management center (including dedicated transmission network construction and big screen construction), supporting software and after-sales service fees, estimate the gas station security engineering construction - from front to back end complete industry chain market scale in more than 20 million yuan RMB.

        From a cost on consideration, the main station security monitoring system solution or "analog camera + video server" mode to realize the cross-regional network monitoring station. At present, in the gas station security engineering medium to large new clothes or replacing IP camera market driving force is not obvious. Therefore, as gas station remote centralized monitoring system, realize the popularity of the from analog to IP video server may become conversion station security construction market demand in one of the fastest growing areas.

        Gas station monitoring the components of the system

        Gas station security monitoring system overall solutions can be divided into two parts: gas station video monitoring system and the entire area of gas station remote networking control system. Two system is the organic integration in the video monitoring system, gas stations along the whole distance network monitoring system as the basis and node, through the software and hardware equipment combine existing network, will the entire area of gas station monitoring system, facilitate monitoring connected to subordinates at the center of management real-time understand any a gas station.

        Gas stations usually stand domestic demand set up 4-5 camera, a few gas stations can be added to eight cameras, monitor stand inside the tent area camera business process must be adopted to zoom lens, cooperate rotation overall tour pavilions.yuntai emphasis and monitoring, hall, financial room and reservoir using fixed-focus camera, whole scene monitoring that belong to range.

        From beautiful consideration, indoors can install integration half spherical camera. In monitoring room setting a embedded hard disk video recorder, through the display cage - the button control remote cameras monitoring range. Meanwhile in monitoring room design the emergency button, sound-light one alarm. When there is an emergency, press the emergency button sound-light alarm and through integration alarm the alarm signals to points network control centre or 110 alarm center.

        By high-definition camera, decentralizing yuntai, yuntai decoder etc equipment composition. Monitoring center is by the high-performance PC and central monitoring software component, can realize the video on the multiple choice, switching, and the real-time display, video road yuntai control, alarm display and alarm correlation and multiple video real-time storage, playback, and other functions.

        The above this kind of surveillance system adopts the twolevel management mode, namely gas station monitor host and remote center monitor host, they adopted advanced digital compression monitoring system (computer monitoring) monitoring mode, digital computer automatic monitoring schemes by real-time monitoring of target range, type and reappear, be captured objects to files stored in the system hard disk can be easily reappearance, at any time point monitoring content.

        Gas station monitoring special requirements

        In product selection, gas station is external personnel and vehicles to import and export and the only channel, is gas station guard key parts. Spotting design should meet personnel facial features and vehicle licensing information clearly present needs. Due to the gas station for 24 hours are running, you need to consider the night light environment, especially in the camera car headlamp import and export more serious influence.

        In view of the above two points, the sea SunBin him, said on industry director station by day and night light restrain import and export of color camera, video cameras have high resolution (color, black and white 540TVL 600TVL), low illumination (0.0003 Lux, black and white color 0.003 Lux) and strong light etc, and can satisfy the restrain import and export prevent demand.

        Aimed at gas station entrances, the system still can use hd camcorders, cooperate with LED lighting, realize vehicle license plates recognition function. This function can aid for refueling vehicles gas station statistical analysis, convenient changes customer master. The hd video camera with built-in video by triggering module, paparazzi module and avoid the photo identification module, additional equipment and cut down engineering cost and difficulty in construction.

        For the key areas such as oil depot in areas such as its essence, is gas station prevent problems, oil reservoir once consequence is unimaginable. Spotting design using intelligent analysis technology, to enter the personnel and vehicles depot tracking capture, clearly show personnel and vehicles of inport and various state. Oil reservoir area adopts automatic tracking high-speed smart ball, through intelligent analysis technology, the clear and complete depot to record and car. And ask the ball with automatic tracking and running machine, fast speed (level 540 ° / s, vertical 400 ° / s) etc. Characteristics.

        Another is worth mentioning, gas stations belong to high risk areas, the crowd structure is complex, in response to the incident in solution design, monitoring system shall be installed in every gas station speakers and alarm button.

        Shenzhen wave grain of technology Co., LTD, said the LiuXiaoPing station monitoring system design should include alarm linkage, when there are events happen, management personnel can always start alarm plan, simultaneously to the public security bureau, fire control unit and the supervisor units alarm, send out distress information, all the actions, synchronism finish. Public security bureau, fire control unit can, after receiving alarm to understand the real-time field station on video, but also through the electronic map system accurately lock, sent police station location process.

        Domestic gas station has position scattered, outlets many characteristics, networking monitoring is imperative. First network access want agile diversity, have a plenty of DDN line, have a plenty of telecommunication lines, still have a plenty of netcom line, must establish unified frequent communication channel.

        Secondly, monitoring network to realize local monitoring station and remote remote monitoring. Again, gas station monitoring system hair networking also need to system division, in order to deal with large monitoring system of the complicated equipment and numerous users.

        Gas station remote monitoring management platform is the key

        In the gas station security project construction, an unavoidable problem is that safety monitoring, alarm, fire, business management and so on four big system integrated will also significant impact to the project cost. Based on the gas station geographical environment distribution and actual situation, the system adopts the current general provide digital network video analog camera + + video server management platform design, so as to achieve remote video monitoring station and management.

        On the video monitoring station for remote in the process, must use the core technology is video management platform system technology. Video server on the network for the gas station remote video core platform monitoring and control system of main functional modules including, distribution type monitoring, signal encoding compression, alarm, video, intelligent retrieval playback, system management, etc.

        In order to make full use of video data, network video centralized monitoring system management software can be installed running on a web server on the network, the operation, the software installed codecs, remote control, remote maintenance operation. In addition, can monitor any one network for the whole monitoring system codecs, executive cage - areas-display, alarm, playback, plan, video, system management control etc. Function. More importantly, the Internet monitor multiple networking computer can also connected to the designated video server of a road in all camera and achieve real-time monitoring computer monitor. In network transmission good circumstances, the number of concurrent connections is an important index of network transmission effect.

        Gas station security monitoring system is an important characteristic of grading management. System will operator´s senior administrator permissions are divided into three levels, administrators and operator. Administrator video monitoring station network by electronic map, to monitor front-end for protection can be conveniently, and in front of the lens to browse, and alarm messages beckoned. In addition, through the creation of electronic map in electronic map to make front-end monitory point on electronic map, have been supervised by the geographic information quickly find corresponding monitory point.

        From the development and usage of future projects need to see, intelligent analysis equipment, direct access to put smart video, common video on the same platform station management is the development trend of security monitoring system.

        Improved traditional functions, developing applications

        Along with the increase of station accident emergency before the video monitoring, simple alarm system cannot have satisfied gas station security requirements.

        Traditional monitoring alarm function in strengthening the at the same time, need to develop other functions, such as: the construction ChuYouOu leak monitoring function, combustible environment monitoring function, oil tank, oil temperature hydraulic monitoring function gateway management, financial room hall station vehicles, discrepancy function identification, statistical functions.

        In addition, gas station monitoring system of safe guard system as a gas station, not only reflect the important means for gas station itself in it can provide scene image and video data, the forensics afterwards need more resources sharing, their own monitoring alarm system and other administrative management unit or public security bureau, fire control unit, the only way to ensure that share with each other more than all the - combat units. Therefore, establishing comprehensive networking control platform is a gas station monitoring alarm important measures.

        With urban development process accelerate, urban vehicles will more and more market demand, gas station monitoring is drastically expand. At the same time, along with the urban construction peace raging, as high security levels of security unit, society to the attention of station monitoring system also will more and more high. Along with the progress of various network access technology, network video monitoring technology is also matures, monitoring cost will gradually reduce station monitoring system, the application will be more and more widely.

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