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  • Video server vendors the fundamental way to survival and development       

        In the security industry development is excellent prospects under, professionals should also realize soberly hinder further development of video server vendors some factors restricting, its main have the following.

        1.currently on the market video server compatibility is poor, the production factories in order to protect their own interests, technically restraints on means, different brands of equipment will be hard to enforce in a system in use at the same time, so the approach in the long run, is limiting their brand product´s competitiveness.

        2. the manufacturer of the terminal software development, function is different, use method based on customer´s different, lack of professional training, often allows the user to grasp, and software interface non-standard makes each brand equipment compatibility is almost zero, even some vendors even SDK packages are not provide, does not support the secondary development. So the barriers on software, made in practical projects took a lot of manpower and material resources to harm the interests of customers.

        3. because on the market at present a lot of OEM products and illegal counterfeit products to clients be guarded against. Hardware equipment can counterfeit, software more can copy. And the original manufacturer to prevent illegal soft copy, often in software installed on video server trap, users to choose the also equals chose to buy back cannot use the product, bear enormous risk.

        4. video server product relative to other video monitoring products, integration of high, complex, hardware cost is higher, occurrence breakdown often only return when the high cost of repair, after-sales service, and often the response speed cannot let customer satisfaction. GeChang business necessary in efforts to improve video server new technology at the same time, improve the original product technical support and related to let upgrades, end user satisfaction as the supreme principle, this is how a product, an enterprise´s survival and development the fundamental way.


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