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  • From American security exhibition at a Chinese security enterprise sail toward overseas               


        Beautiful west exhibition professional international security exhibition

        American security by reed exhibition medcongress and American security industry association, co-organized by the year of spring and autumn, respectively, in the west of America, Las Vegas and eastern New York held. As the world is one of the most professional security exhibition every year, American security exhibition attracted world countries eyes, also known as the American security industry barometer.

        According to the American west exhibition official news releases, 2011, at least in the western U.S. security show more than 900 enterprises exhibitors, product category, while visiting thousands of professionals are at least 25,000 people. In the exhibitors, 10 percent come from outside the United States, the majority in Canada, followed by Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Australia.

        Product appearance, many topics were hot debate

        This year´s latest Product awards (SIA Showcase) is easiest enjoying the 32nd. In the most outstanding New Product awards (Best New easiest) category, the FST21 from more than 70 enterprise to the fore, win the title. This company produces the SafeRise? Can pass comprehensive facial and voice data analysis to identify a person, judge whether ran into trouble. FST21 is a learned, in tel aviv, the enterprise in face recognition and speech recognition, intelligent audio analysis etc very productive.

        This time, there are so many big enterprises taken part in the United States West Security Exhibition, such as APEXIS,ADI,ADT,AMAG,Anixter,ASSA ABLOY,Axis Communications,Bosch Security Systems,Cooper Notification,Dedicated Micros,Gallagher Security,GVI Security,HID Global,Hirsch Electronics,Honeywell Security,Ingersoll-Rand,Linear,Napco Security Technologies,Panasonic,Pelco by Schneider Electric,Samsung Techwin Americas,Scan Source,Sony Electronics,Tyco Security Products,Tri-Ed/Northern Video,Vicon and UTC Fire & Security and so on.

        The beautiful west exhibition, education industry project, cloud, video analysis, hd video camera, analog and digital systems, managed security and PSIM simulation software by issues such as high attention. In addition, the impact of technological progress, value-added services and customer demand etc. Topic was also hot debate. During the exhibition also on the industry standard further exchange, this to monitor, access control, biological recognition system layont good guidance significance. Other issues include the safety management, PSA - TEC series, technical panel, explore the characteristics of safety technology advantages and application etc.

        Chinese legion vocal

        The Chinese security legion sent the 154 companies exhibitors, attend the exhibition of Chinese enterprise mainly from shenzhen, zhejiang, fujian and guangdong other regions, a total of more than 200 booths.

        In many Chinese enterprise, especially in shenzhen legion conspicuous. The total area of 729 square meters in shenzhen science and technology, there are 55 within exhibition pavilion home shenzhen enterprises exhibitors. Shenzhen is the birthplace of China security, security professionals, 20 million people in China at present the information industry and security industry leaders, are fully exert two big industry resources advantage, the information technology application field penetrates into all aspects of security.

        At a Chinese enterprise overseas development"Made in China" are still under foreign customers, but trade more cautious.Security industry veteran camera manufacturers APEXIS has participated in the beautiful west exhibition. According to introduction, the participation of in the western U.S. security exhibition Chinese enterprises have greatly improved number than before. In 2007, attend the spanish-american show only a dozen Chinese enterprises, but this year reached nearly 200. In addition, product homogeneity more serious make individual enterprise faces more intense, the competition order, foreign demand higher, the more cautious also subsequent follow-up work enterprise raised very tall requirement. As a veteran manufacturers of APEXIS plan to strengthen the training of personnel after the personnel quality, improve faster, let foreign can create products about APEXIS .

        For the emerging manufacturer speaking, beautiful west show that they opened the high quality the sale of the products.

        This year the Chinese enterprise in addition to the main "made in China", but also put some new integrated services to the meeting.

        China enterprise launched integrated service mainly involves the intelligent transportation, environmental protection, the work of the government and public security, etc. In recent years, urban project has great peace overseas, is also the company has foreground an important direction and profitability.

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