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  • 13 Q: Can not find the network equipment?

    Possible Reason 1: No-voltage, power adapter is defective?
    Answer: Test the same model of power.

    Possible Reason 2: No Network?
    A: The PC-access network to test whether the network access   to work, first of all rule out the cable fault, PC machine network failure caused by a virus until it can use PC-between Ping Tung.

    Possible Reason 3: IP address is occupied by other equipment?
    A: Disconnect the video server and network connections, a separate video server and PC to connect, in accordance with the recommendation of the appropriate action to re-set the IP address.

    Possible Reason 4: IP address in a different subnet?
    A:Check the server´s IP address and subnet mask address, and gateway settings.

    Possible Reason 5: Web-port has been modified
    A: Contact your network administrator to obtain the corresponding port information.

    Possible Reason 6: Unknown.
    A: The device behind the reset button to restore factory default state, and then re-connect

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